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Love is a driving force!

This young girl is a very determined, decisive, seven-year-old young lady. She came into our adoption center at Petco and announced that she was looking for a kitten, but if she didn’t see anyone she liked, she would go to another store. We were all instantly charmed...

One lucky “Penny” update

Update on Penny! Her new mom says she’s running the household already, and makes them laugh every day watching her learn just how much fun life can be. With great patience, Ann has taught Penny to walk on a leash in spite of her initial resistance. Amazing that she...

Foster Families Needed

Being a mama cat is not an easy job! At Town Cats we have the occasion to come across a mom with kittens who are looking for a safe place to live. Many kittens come into our care without their moms for various reasons and they need a foster family to help raise them...

Maddie’s Free Adoption Event Results!

115 cats found their forever homes last month!  Thank you to the staff and volunteers who worked tirelessly to make this happen.  AND a BIG thank you for everyone who decided to choose the adoption option and opened up their hearts and home to a new feline friend! The...

Our very own “Down Town” Abby

Abby is a quiet, bright, affectionate 7-year-old lap-kitty who loves to watch the world through her window. She was a wonderful pet for 5 years, but her elderly owner was forced to give her up when she could no longer care for her. She has been waiting for too long to...

Story of Stella

Stella was found under a parked car with her kittens, who have all been adopted. She is a sweet, chatty, curious, one-year-old lap cat who loves affection. She would love to find her forever home like her babies did, and having been on her own so far in life, might...

Roxy is waiting for YOU!

Roxy’s owner became very ill and went to the hospital, and when the apartment she had been renting was locked due to her inability to pay her rent, Roxy was trapped inside. When a neighbor called Town Cats to let us know what was happening, she was found emaciated,...

Oscar Wilde

“If you are not too long, I will wait here for you…” – Oscar Wilde Oscar is  beautiful Russian Blue Maine Coon mix about 6 months old. He was found in a mobile home park with his sister Felicia, who had been shot with a pellet gun and so can...