Shelter Statistics – Asilomar Accords

The Asilomar Accords outline principles that guide animal welfare organizations to work together to save the lives of all healthy and treatable companion animals. The document aims to cut through the rhetoric of “no kill” vs. “limited admission” vs. “open admission” shelters and to dispel the murkiness of what defines an adoptable animal. The animal sheltering world hasn’t always been clear or consistent when it comes to reporting results. Without the Asilomar Accords, definitions and reporting methods varied from group to group, making understanding of information difficult, if not impossible, across organizations.

By utilizing a standard language for their statistics, shelters and their supporters are able to easily and clearly track progress both at a specific shelter and across shelters nationwide.

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The following information covers all 6 shelters in Santa Clara County for easy reference, please see the separate tab in each document for Town Cats specific data.

2013 Asilomar Accords Shelter StatisticsCA_Santa_Clara_County_13 WE CARE

2012 Asilomar Accords Shelter Statistics (Adobe Reader – pdf format)CA_Santa_Clara_County_12

2011 Asilomar Accords Shelter Statistics  (Adobe Reader – pdf format) (revised April 2012)CA_Santa_Clara_County_11

2010 Asilomar Accords Shelter Statistics 
 (Adobe Reader – pdf format)CA_Santa_Clara_County_10

2009 Asilomar Accords Shelter Statistics 
 (Adobe Reader – pdf format)CA_Santa_Clara_County_09

2008 Asilomar Accords Shelter Statistics 
 (Adobe Reader – pdf format) CA_Santa_Clara_County_08

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