Town Cats FAQs

Q: Where do the cats at Town Cats come from?

A: The cats and kittens that enter Town Cats are from local municipal shelters. We focus on assisting cats from Santa Clara County through our programs.   When space and resources permit, we may work with the agencies outside of our community who are in danger of euthanizing healthy cats or kittens due to over crowding or lack of available resources in their community. If we have the space and our sheltering partners do not need our assistance then we will accept owned cats for a surrender fee of $160 for one cat and $240 for more than one and up to three cats.

Q. What does it mean to be No-Kill?

A: “No-kill” means that animals are not destroyed except in cases of terminal and painful illness, when compassion demands euthanasia because there is no reasonable alternative. A cat who enters Town Cats will stay with Town Cats until he/she finds a new home or is found to be suffering of a terminal and/or painful injury or illness.

Q: What programs does Town Cats offer?

A: Town Cats offers the following programs:

  • Care for cats and kittens who need help in local shelters
  • Owner surrender support when resources are available
  • Adoptions
  • Foster care
  • Education outreach
  • Assistance with Community Spay/Neuter
  • Feral Cat and T-N-R assistance and resources

Q. When was Town Cats established?

A: Founded in 1997, Town Cats opened the first no-kill shelter in Santa Clara County in February, 2000.

Q. How is Town Cats funded and governed?

A: Town Cats is an independent, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization supported by individual donations, adoption fees, special events, and foundation and corporate grants. The organization is governed by a volunteer board of directors, which oversees an annual operating budget of about $300,000 – $400,00 per year.

Q: How many employees and volunteers does Town Cats have?

A: Town Cats is comprised of approximately 20 employees and a volunteer force of approximately 100 volunteers.

Q: Do you accept owner-surrendered animals?

A: Town Cats is a limited access shelter. This means we are only able to bring in as many cats/kittens form local shelters as we can adopt. When space allows we will accept owner-surrendered cats. We generally have a waiting list of cats from other shelters to enter our shelter. If someone wants to surrender their pet, they need to contact us and be placed on the waitlist. Acceptance is often based on space available, resources, and situational need. There is a surrender fee of $160 for one cat and $240 for more than one and up to three cats.

Q: How many animals do you adopt out yearly?

A: On average, we adopt our between 700 and 1000 cats and kittens a year.

Q: How much does it cost to adopt a pet?

A:  $125 for a single Kitten (Up to 6 Months Old) or adopt through our Best Friend program and adopt two kittens for one adoption fee of $125

$75 for a single Adult (Age 6 Months and Older) or adopt through our Best Friend program and adopt two adults for one adoption fee of $75

The fee covers spaying/neutering, initial vaccinations including rabies (when age appropriate), de-worming, de-fleaing, testing for FIV and FeLV, collar and ID tags, and microchipping. In addition, adopter can receive one month free pet insurance.

Q: What is the difference between Town Cats and the San Jose Animal Care Services or the Humane Society Silicon Valley?

A: Town Cats is a private, non-profit No-Kill Shelter. We are not under any city or county contract to provide animal services. We do not receive funding from any governmental source.